Tools for Nonlinear Estimation

… we may have knowledge of the past and cannot control it;
we may control the future but have no knowledge of it.
--- Claude Elwood Shannon

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Obtaining the tools

In order to obtain the tools please see the tools page.

Mailing lists

In order to facilitate interaction of user with the developement team two mailing lists are accesible.

The first mailing list is a  general mailing list for discussion concerning the toolbox. You can subscribe to the list sending mail to the address This list allows sending mails only to subscribed persons and members of developement team will supervise all the subscriptions so spam won't bother you.

The purpose of the second list is to distribute the future releases of the tools and to inform the users of the tools news. The list won't allow anybody but the moderator to send any message thus the only mails you will receive will be the mails with news and releases. To subscribe to the list just send email to the address

In order to unsubscribe from the list send mail to mail addresses or