Tools for Nonlinear Estimation

… we may have knowledge of the past and cannot control it;
we may control the future but have no knowledge of it.
--- Claude Elwood Shannon

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The NFTools ver. 2 (RC4) has been released

  • method @pmpdf/plot incorporated allowing to plot point-mass pdfs
  • small changes to the internal and public api of nfFunction and nfSymfunction
    • new internal atribute of the function classes mappingDimension and new public property dimension
    • nfSymFunction has new public properties firstDerivatives and secondDerivatives containing string representation of first and second partial derivatives
  • all function classes (including those in examples) has implemented method nfsecpad for evaluation of second partial derivatives
  • the Second Order Filter is again part of the toolbox
  • modified API of the Gaussian Sum Filter (gsm) in order to be unambiquous
  • it is possible to create the instance of gsm class without specifying the maximal number of filtering pdf mixture terms (i.e. the number of terms could grow unrestricted)